What is pentaerythritol stearate?

What is pentaerythritol stearate?

Pentaerythritol stearate is a chemical compound formed by esterifying pentaerythritol (a polyol) with stearic acid. It is a waxy solid that is typically in the form of flakes or a powder. Pentaerythritol stearate finds application as a lubricant, stabilizer, and plasticizer in various industries, including plastics, cosmetics, and personal care products.

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Dongguan Hanwei Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Its products are mainly used in petrochemical, rubber and plastics, coatings, papermaking and other fields. The main products are zinc stearate , calcium stearate , magnesium stearate , other fatty acid salts, fatty acid esters, water-based zinc stearate, water-based calcium stearate, wood-plastic lubricants, PE wax, wax emulsion and Various rubber additives, etc.

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Pentaerythritol Stearate Finds Applications in Fire-Resistant Coatings

In the quest for improved fire safety, researchers and industries are continuously seeking innovative solutions to enhance the resistance of various materials to fire. One such breakthrough compound that has emerged in recent years is pentaerythritol stearate. With its unique properties and versatility, pentaerythritol stearate has found applications in the development of fire-resistant coatings, offering enhanced protection against the devastating effects of fires. 

Enhancing Fire Resistance:

Fire-resistant coatings are designed to slow down or prevent the spread of flames, reduce heat transfer, and provide a barrier to protect underlying materials. Pentaerythritol stearate, a compound derived from pentaerythritol and stearic acid, exhibits excellent fire-retardant properties, making it an ideal ingredient for these specialized coatings.

Flame Retardancy: Pentaerythritol stearate acts as a flame retardant by inhibiting the ignition and combustion processes. It forms a protective char layer when exposed to high temperatures, which acts as a barrier, preventing the flame from reaching the underlying material.

Heat Insulation: The compound possesses remarkable heat-insulating properties, effectively reducing the transfer of heat to the substrate. This characteristic helps to minimize the structural damage caused by fire and prolongs the stability of the protected materials.

Smoke Suppression: Pentaerythritol stearate also aids in reducing smoke generation during a fire. By suppressing smoke formation, it enhances visibility and facilitates evacuation, allowing occupants to escape more safely.

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Pentaerythritol Stearate can be found in a variety of cosmetic products, including lotions, creams, lipsticks, mascaras, and more. It acts as an emulsifier, thickener and stabilizer, helping to blend oily and water-based ingredients evenly and improving product texture, stability and spreadability.

Pentaerythritol stearate has emollient and moisturizing effects in skin care products. It forms a protective film on the skin's surface to help lock in moisture and increase skin's suppleness and smoothness. In addition, pentaerythritol stearate also has the property of improving the texture and feeling of use of the product.

The availability of pentylethritol stearate depends on the product's formulator and manufacturer. 

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What industry can zinc stearate be used in?

Zinc stearate, a zinc salt of stearic acid, finds applications in various industries due to its unique properties.

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