About WPC polymeric lubricant introduction

About WPC polymeric lubricant introduction

WPC polymeric lubricant is an advanced lubricating solution specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications. With its cutting-edge formulation and exceptional performance characteristics, WPC polymeric lubricant offers superior lubrication, extended equipment life, and enhanced operational efficiency in high-load and high-temperature environments.

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Dongguan Hanwei Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Its products are mainly used in petrochemical, rubber and plastics, coatings, papermaking and other fields. The main products are zinc stearate , calcium stearate , magnesium stearate , other fatty acid salts, fatty acid esters, water-based zinc stearate, water-based calcium stearate, wood-plastic lubricants, PE wax, wax emulsion and Various rubber additives, etc.

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The role of wpc polymeric lubricant

Improving Processability and Extrusion:

WPC polymeric lubricants are specifically formulated to facilitate the processing and extrusion of the composite material. The addition of these lubricants during the manufacturing process helps to reduce friction between the wood particles and the polymer matrix, resulting in smoother and more efficient processing. The lubricants act as a barrier, preventing the material from sticking to the processing equipment, minimizing downtime, and ensuring consistent production.

Enhancing Mechanical Properties:

The presence of polymeric lubricants in WPCs can significantly enhance their mechanical properties. By reducing the friction and stress between the wood fibers and the polymer matrix, these lubricants improve the overall strength, stiffness, and impact resistance of the composite material. The enhanced mechanical properties contribute to the durability and longevity of WPCs, making them suitable for various applications, including decking, fencing, furniture, and automotive components.

Reducing Moisture Absorption and Dimensional Changes:

WPC polymeric lubricants also play a vital role in reducing moisture absorption and minimizing dimensional changes in the composite material. Moisture can negatively impact the structural integrity of WPCs, leading to swelling, warping, and degradation over time. The addition of polymeric lubricants creates a hydrophobic barrier, reducing the material's susceptibility to moisture absorption and minimizing dimensional changes, resulting in improved stability and long-term performance.

Increasing Weatherability and UV Resistance:

WPCs are often exposed to harsh environmental conditions, including sunlight and fluctuating temperatures. Polymeric lubricants formulated for WPCs can enhance the material's weatherability and UV resistance. These lubricants act as protective barriers, shielding the wood fibers from UV radiation and preventing color fading, degradation, and surface cracking. By improving weatherability, polymeric lubricants contribute to the long-term aesthetics and performance of WPCs, making them suitable for outdoor applications.

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WPC polymeric lubricant finds applications in various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, mining, heavy machinery, and more. It is suitable for use in equipment such as bearings, gears, chains, and hydraulic systems.

WPC polymeric lubricant provides several key benefits, including superior lubrication properties, reduced friction and wear, extended equipment life, improved operational efficiency, and protection against corrosion and oxidation. It contributes to reliable performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

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