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PE Wax

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PE Wax




Name : PE Wax

PE Wax

Note:● Excellent, recommended use     ◎ Good, applicable     ⊗ Not recommended to use      — Not Applicable
The advised dosage is 0.1% - 6.0% ,except stazilizer formulation. Detailed dosage vary according to the formulation. Customization is available.


Packaging, storage and transportation

1.  Keep it sealed and do not store it open to avoid skinning on the surface and affect the use.

2.  Do not expose to the sun, please store in a cool place.

3.  In winter, it should be prevented from freezing and demulsification, and it should be stored above 0 ℃ .

4.  Packed in 25 kg , 120kg , 200kg sealed plastic drums , and heat preservation measures should be taken during transportation.