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Application for Petrochemicals & Plastics

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Zinc stearate




Name : Zinc stearate

Application for Petrochemicals & Plastics


Application for Petrochemicals & Plastics

Note:● Excellent, recommended use     ◎ Good, applicable      ⊗ Not recommended to use         — Not Applicable


Main Purpose

Zinc stearate is used as a heat stabilizer for PVC , and it has a synergistic effect with calcium stearate and barium stearate, which can effectively improve the stability of PVC products ; zinc stearate can be used as a processing lubricant and mold release agent. Reduce the difficulty of plastic processing and improve efficiency ; zinc stearate can also be used as a grinding aid in wood to improve post-grinding efficiency ; in addition, zinc stearate is used as an acid absorber in petrochemicals to absorb excess acidic substances , to protect the equipment from corrosion.


Packaging, storage and transportation

1. Composite paper bag lined with high-pressure polyethylene film bag 20 kg / bag , can also be packed according to customer agreement ;

2. This product is stored and transported as non- dangerous goods , and stored in a cool and ventilated place. Do not stack it together with acids, alkalis and corrosive materials .